Jack’d is really a actually odd application as it is extremely user friendly, a bit more functionality that Grindr does

(more pictures as an example and a “matching” service) however it’s additionally extremely fundamental, extremely clunky in places and it has a practice of presenting one to a whole lot (and I also do suggest a great deal) of US-based dudes. I’d say away from most of the pages that messaged me personally inside my time on right here a beneficial 50% had been “non-UK” based. Which will be great if you’re searching for a long-distance to marry and proceed to the states with. But it doesn’t really do much for your chances for us lowly average gays.

In addition seemed to struggle with logging in quite a bit (a lot more than Grindr anyhow that will be saying one thing). Could you see Willam Belli or any other drag queen creating a song having a mention of the Jack’d? No me personally neither!

So far as “hook up” usefulness, yes like Grindr it’s location based so can show the people around you it does not actually offer it self as being a hookup friendly software. There are the same dudes on it mind you. Read more